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We are one of the most reputed Indian Attar Manufacturers and Exporters from India. Natural Attars and Shamamas have a special quality- mysterious and ever-changing as you wear them. They smell like flowers and sunshine, earth and woods. Like vintage wines, each batch varies from the last. Truly natural Attar Perfumes such as these are very rare and precious.

  • Oud/Agarood Attar:- Agarwood Oil in Sandalwood. Agarwood Oil, called Oud, is the rarest, most sought-after perfume oil in the world. Used for thousands of years as an aphrodesiac and to enhance meditation Attar of Roses, Gulab Attar - Rosa damascena. Special 20-day distillation. The Queen of Flowers, romantic and feminine, distilled into pure Sandalwood oil. The Rose symbolizes pure love.
  • Black Musk Attar:- A rich and exotic Shamama-type with herbs, spices and flowers in Sandalwood and Agarwood oils.

  • Champa Attar:- A natural perfume made from Golden Champa flowers. Similar to magnolias, sweetly floral, spicy and complex. Joyous and elevating.

  • Genda Attar:- In India, the marigold flower symbolizes purity and steadfastness in love. For lovers of green, herbaceous fragrances. Inspires deep breathing.

  • Gulhina Attar:- The Flower of Paradise. Oriental in flavor, softly sweet, rich and earthy, with hints of tea and bittersweet chocolate. An ancient natural perfume.

  • Kadam Attar:- The Kadam flower produces a rare perfume oil that is deep yet soaring. Kadam is a complex woody-floral for both men and women.

  • Kewda Attar:- Smooth and refreshing, Kewda helps clear the mind. Hints of sweet hyacinth and honey, warmly balanced with fine sandalwood.

  • Majmua Attar:- A special blend of four classic attars in fine sandalwood oil. Majmua is earthy, cooling, green and sweet- a beautiful balance that is more than the sum of its parts.

  • Mitti Attar:- Baked earth from the River Ganges. Mitti captures the magical aroma of the first blessed drops of rain, falling on the earth after a long drought. Soft and mellow, nurturing and soothing. Mitti is beautiful worn alone, and blends well with all the other attars.

  • Motia Attar, Attar of Jasmine:- Our most popular Attar. Rich and mellow night-blooming Jasmine. Deeper, more sultry and romantic than the Dawn-Blooming Jasmine. A hypnotically sensuous floral perfume.

  • Saffron Attar:- Beautiful perfume oil long treasured for its ability to bring peace and serenity. Used for centuries to bring blessings and aid meditation.

  • White Lotus Attar:- A most beautiful and refined natural perfume. Earthy, yet delicate and sweet. An elegant fragrance. Aids spiritual meditation. Opens the Crown Chakra.

  • Amberi Shamama:- Our most Floral Shamama, a warm Amber heart note with herbs, spices, flowers and woods.

  • Sandalwood Shamama:- A sophisticated, intensly Oriental Shamama with predominantly woody, spicy notes. Spices, woods, flowers and herbs in a Sandalwood base.

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Black Musk Attar


We offer natural Black Musk Attar, which is rarely found at any other place in pure form. We have carved a niche as one of the dominant attar oil manufacturers and suppliers, based in India.


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